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Lexus RX 300
Power Antenna Mast Instructions


    1. Remove the nut on the outer end of the power unit where the mast comes out of the car.

        2. As someone turns the radio on ( with the key in the on position ) and as the mast begins or tries to come up,... YOU grab hold of it and pull out the old mast.  Make sure that the short outer grounding/retaining sleeve ( as what you see on the outer NEW antenna mast ) has come out with the old mast, this is very important, as this is what holds the antenna mast in when the nut is fastened..... If the old mast and grounding/retaining ring are out then proceed with step 4.    If not proceed with step 3.

        3. If at this time you canít pull the mast out and it seems to be stuck, more than likely the grounding/retaining sleeve has annealed itself to the antenna tube.    What we do is generally remove the power unit from the car and put what ever is left of the old antenna mast that is sticking out of the power unit and clamp it in a vice and very aggressively pull on the power unit and the mast Will come out.   Or you can grab a hold of the mast with whatever you have and pull your heart out.    If at this time the old mast comes out proceed with step 4.

        4. Compare the Old Mast with the New Mast, not only do they need to look the same physically but the length of the white teethed cable MUST be the same length.  ( NEVER CUT THE NEW MAST CABLE )....   If the cable is not the same length, then you probably have a broken piece left in your power unit....   If the cable is shorter proceed with step 5....   If Both masts are physically the same along with the white cable length continue with step 6.

        5. There are occasions where the antenna cable breaks off in the power unit and will not allow the replacement mast to be pulled in all the way. In this event you will have to remove the power antenna assembly from your RX300.  First you will need to Remove the interior panel.  To do this you will need to pry out about 7 of those black fasteners with a panel tool or gently with a screw driver,  the top of the wheel well, remove 2 of the cargo net hooks and take apart most of the back end.  Then you dismount the power antenna assembly from your RX 300 by removing 2, 10mm nuts at the bottom of the antenna, then open the power assembly by removing 6 Phillips screws, and remove the remaining broken cord.   A big painful job, but not really all that difficult.   Once the cable is out, clean the grease off of the drum assembly before you reassemble the power unit.   Once this is done, use a light grease or white grease on the drum assembly, then reinstall the power unit in the car and proceed with step 6.

        6. Insert the new mast cable into the top of the power antenna tube with the teeth facing in the FORWARD  direction which the old one came out, .. then have someone turn the radio off ( with the key in the on position ),.. as the power unit begins to pull the new mast in, guide the new antenna into the power unit, as it pulls the mast down into the power unit, it may on the first try not pull the mast all the way down, donít worry, install the outer nut and turn the radio on and off a few times as this will center the new antenna mast. then, "Voila! The mast is installed."


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