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    The Antenna Source offers the lowest Wholesale prices on Ford Focus Antenna Parts, BA8Z-18813A, CP9Z-18936-D, CP9Z-18936-C .   You as a Customer can order your Ford Focus Antenna Mast directly from us by skipping the middle man and high retail prices at your Ford Focus Dealer - receiving an average savings of hundreds of dollars on a Ford Focus Antenna Mast Parts order! That means you can place your Ford Focus Antenna Mast order anytime, right here online 24 Hr a day.  Direct your Ford Focus Antenna Mast questions to our Customer Service specialists, as we don't just sell Ford Focus antennas, WE INSTALL THEM, thus we offer your our years of experience with your Ford Focus Antenna installation !!!!    Many Times there's more to the Sale than the Part.

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Focus Antenna Parts
For: S/SE/SES/SEL/ST/Titanium  Models of the Following Years


Antenna Mast

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( 1 ) ... FOCUS Antenna Mast / Whip

   This is a High Quality Replacement Antenna Mast for your Ford Focus Factory Installed Roof Mounted Antenna.  It is spiral wound.  The Focus came with a 11" mast from the factory.  We offer both a shorter mast versions so you can enter into your garage without hitting the garage, as well as a longer versions for people who want even better reception than what the car had when new.   Ford uses a unique thread on there masts and these are specific for this vehicle .

    *  Simply unscrew your old mast and install this New one. We carry a 9", 10", 11", and a 16" version, so simply choose which version you need.

Fits the following Ford Focus Models:

With a Factory Roof Antenna

 FOCUS    ALL Models





9" Version
Is 1" Shorter than Standard

10" Version
Is  Standard on the Focus


11" Version
Is 1" Longer than Standard


16" Version
Is  6" Longer than Standard


  * Use this Version to Upgrade your Reception from what your Focus came with when new.  Has Superb Reception. 


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