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Power Works Installation Instructions
Maxima 1995-1999



    1. Remove the power unit that is in your Maxima, keeping track how in general the unit is mounted so you have an idea how the new one is to fit. The unit is held in by the outside trim nut, where the mast comes out of the car, and generally a bolt at the base of the power unit. The external nut is removed with a small needle nose pliers by sticking the nose of the pliers into the slits and turning off counterclockwise.


    2. Pull off of your original power unit the cast head that mounts under the quarter panel and install it onto the new power antenna.

    3. Next remove the lower bracket from the old power unit and mount it to the bottom of the new power antenna, OR you can mount the bar bracket that came with the kit and mount one end of it to one of the lower tabs and after you install the unit bend it to where the original bracket was bolted to the chassis and bolt it tight.

    4. Now install the power unit into your Maxima, using your original outer black body trim and fasten it with the New Nut that was supplied. After the outside has been tightened then tighten the lower bracket to the chassis.


    5. At the plug where your Factory Power unit was plugged into, cut off the square plug and then connect the three wires .... it doesn't matter how many wires that your original power unit has as we are going to use only three of them,.... First test with a test light or volt meter, which wire has 12 volts on all the time when the key is off and the radio off, this is the wire that you will need to connect the RED wire to from the New Power Unit. If there are several that are hot all the time, connect to one of them. Then with the key on turn the radio on and again take the test light or volt meter, and see which wire now in that plug now lights up or has 12 volts, and then connect the GREEN wire to it. The Black wire is connected to the chassis Ground, anywhere, or connect it to the black wire in that factory harness.


    Schematic of the New Power Unit:
    Red ........ Wire needs 12V all the time, Key on and off.
    Green ..... Wire needs power only when the Radio is on.
    Black ...... Wire is a Constant Ground.


    4. Connect the reception wire that runs to the radio, the large black wire from the new power unit. Other than putting the interior trim back, your New Power Unit will now Work.


    Note: On some vehicles, about 5% of them, the wire from the car antenna harness that connects to the green wire of the new power unit will test at 12 Volts with nothing connected to it when the radio is on and then when the green wire of the new power is connected to it, it will drop to about 4 volts.  This will cause the new power unit not to run because it needs 12 volts to work.  If you experience this you will need a low volt controller listed below.

    Low Volt Controller



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